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Our goal is to ensure ongoing treatment is available to everyone who needs it, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, rent is based on each person’s ability to pay. Rent includes utilities and basic living expenses.

Other costs, such as healthcare and mental health, are typically covered by insurance. If you have questions about accessing this coverage, please email us at

Financial Assistance

Raven Cares is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people committed to, or seeking, recovery from the use of alcohol and drugs. To foster positive change, we work directly with communities, organizations, families and individuals, helping people affected by addiction to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Who Qualifies:
  • Adults in Kentucky who have already started their substance abuse recovery journey

  • Family members or loved ones seeking Casey’s Law financial assistance

  • The individual has received/is receiving treatment for short-term (acute) substance abuse disorder

  • Certification that a relative or friend is seeking cost reimbursement associated with Casey’s Law including assessments, evaluations, attorney fees, and transportation

  • The individual must reside in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
    Raven Cares will not require a certain amount of "clean time."

For more information on our financial assistance selection and award process, please review the Financial Aid Policy linked below.

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