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Safe, Successful, Sustainable Recovery

Raven Cares is a safe and recovery-focused 24-bed co-ed housing facility located in Morehead, Kentucky, which helps adults who are transitioning from short-term (acute) substance abuse recovery into long-term recovery. 


Comprised of six townhomes, divided by gender, each completely renovated two-bedroom, two-bath unit houses up to four residents at a time, ensuring a communal environment with plenty of space and privacy. You’ll find a much more comprehensive approach to long-term recovery at Raven Cares because, unlike other recovery-focused  living facilities, we offer our residents structure and wrap-around services to ensure accountability, success, and sustainable recovery during their time with us and well after!

Group therapy

Raven Cares is dedicated to enriching the lives of people committed to, or seeking, recovery from the abuse of alcohol and drugs. To foster positive change, we work directly with communities, organizations, families, and individuals, helping people affected by addiction to live productive and fulfilling lives.


Cost can be a major barrier to ongoing, effective treatment, so we offer financial assistance that can help our participants afford stable housing, healthcare, education, and childcare. We can help with transportation, educational and employment opportunities, and applying for expungement of criminal records. We also offer training and community partnerships to help our residents re-enter the community after leaving the program.

In addition to these services, Raven Cares’ programs rely on solid evidence proven to reduce future substance use — and encourages residents to pursue healthy, community-oriented activities. Licensed practitioners in Raven Cares’ clinical services lead bi-weekly therapy sessions to address co-occurring disorders, trauma, and other mental-health challenges related to addiction. We also have support groups to help participants identify and address triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms — all while creating fellowship and a support network.

Attentive Therapist
Rowan County
Health Department
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We work closely with community partners to ensure the best education and employment opportunities are available to our residents. Our partners include Morehead State University’s Adult Learning Center, Kentucky Career Center, Maysville Community and Technical College, Kentucky Chamber Foundation, City of Morehead, Rowan County, Edward Jones Investments, Grin Grant, the Rowan County Health Department, and Stockyards Bank. The list is growing as we do!

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What Makes Us Different

Other Recovery Houses

Living space with

no structure

Functions mainly

as a residence

Cuts off residents from

outside interactions

No access to staff or 24/7 professional support

Fully furnished, renovated, and home-like living spaces along with comprehensive support and services

Equips residents with the essential skills necessary to live on their own


Offers residents freedom to come and go and communicate as they wish, much like an outpatient program, but with comfortable and supportive living accommodations

24/7 access to staff and professional support

Raven Cares

Our Funding

Raven Cares is made possible, in part, by funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Inspire Initiative. This initiative is part of a $12 million package for 33 new or expanded projects helping address our region’s substance use disorder crisis. Raven Cares works with other organizations to offer safe housing, remove barriers to recovery, foster sustained recovery, provide needed ancillary services, and place individuals in meaningful long-term employment. This project will strengthen our citizens, businesses, and community.

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